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2015 / 04 / 17
Fifth natural gas exploration tender in Mozambique postponed until July
The government of Mozambique has postponed the deadline for bids in the fifth tender to grant natural gas research and production areas until the end of July, without giving a reason for what is the tender’s third postponement. The tender involves a total of 15 blocks including 76.8 square kilome...
2015 / 04 / 17
The World Bank may revise its growth forecast for Mozambique’s economy downwards from 7 percent to 6.5 percent due to natural disasters this year and to contained public spending, said Thursday in Maputo the World Bank’s chief in Mozambique. Enrique Blanco Armas said that despite this forecast ...
2015 / 04 / 16
The business meeting between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries will take place later this year in Guinea-Bissau, said Echo Chan, Assistant Secretary-General of the Permanent Office of Macau Forum. This is the first time since the creation of Macau Forum that Bissau is hosting a business m...
Meeting between China and Portuguese-speaking countries held in Guinea-Bissau in late 2015
2015 / 04 / 16
Trade between China and Portuguese-speaking countries in January and February reached US$15.02 billion, which represents a year on year drop of 23.64 percent, according to official figures published in Macau. Figures from China’s Customs Service published by the Permanent Secretariat of Forum Mac...
2015 / 04 / 16
The government of Mozambique is trying to raise US$297 million from its cooperation partners to rebuild the infrastructure destroyed by the rains this year, the spokeswomen for the Council of Minister said Tuesday in Maputo. Ana Comoane, who also serves as Vice-Minister of Culture and Tourism, said...
2015 / 04 / 14
The inauguration of the Chokué Agri-Industrial Complex, developed with funding from China, opens up new horizons for agricultural production in Gaza province, southern Mozambique, which now has another unit for rice processing and product storage. Launched in the first half of 2013, the factory wa...
Factory funded by China boosts agricultural production in southern Mozambique

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