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2014 / 07 / 29
Japanese business mission visits Mozambique to study investment opportunities
A business mission from Japan headed up by the country’s deputy Foreign affairs Minister, Norio Mitsuya, is due Tuesday to start a two-day visit to Mozambique to study investment opportunities and meet with Mozambican government officials, the Japanese embassy in Mozambique said. The mission incl...
2014 / 07 / 29
Mozambique is expected to produce 800 megawatts of electricity at natural gas-fired power plants by 2020, according to a plan from the Energy Ministry presented in Lichinga, capital of Niassa province, Mozambican news agency AIM reported. Energy Minister, Salvador Namburete, said the target would b...
2014 / 07 / 29
Mozambique’s Mining Resources Minister, Esperança Bias, said that 1,212 mining companies were registered in Mozambique, 424 of which were at least part-owned by Mozambican citizens, according to a report from Mozambican news agency AIM. The minister, speaking at the Mozambican parliament during ...
2014 / 07 / 28
Portugal topped the list of foreign investors in Mozambique in the first half of the year, with a total of US$248.8 million, accounting for 40.1 percent of investments approved by the Centre for Investment Promotion (CPI), which totalled US$618.9 million. Against the first quarter of the year, when...
Portugal biggest foreign investor sin Mozambique in 2014
2014 / 07 / 28
The prime ministers of Mozambique and Russia met Saturday in Moscow to discuss the possibility of cooperation in managing Mozambican natural resources, such as oil and gas, Mozambican news agency AIM reported Monday. “Russia is one of the countries that has resources like Mozambique and, naturall...
2014 / 07 / 28
Mozambique’s Minister for Planning and Development, Aiuba Cuereneia, Saturday in Mocuba, Zambézia province, laid the first stone of the business centre of the Zambezi Valley Development Agency, Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias reported. The business centre, which is due to be finished in the...

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